In addition to its standard service offering, FFI provides these unique expert consulting services

FFI's Breach Scan forensically examines a computer or network resource and lets management know if they are a victim of an outside penetration, data compromise, or unauthorized use.

Breach Scan can be used in litigation to assert or defend claims for remedial action and/or damages. It can also be used to audit and confirm compliance with a settlement agreement or as a means to assuage concerns about data compromise or abuse as part of an alternative resolution method. < Learn More >

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Founder Greg Fordham has authored over 70 manuscripts that have appeared in various publications and professional education seminars. Some of the more popular articles are:

Finding and Selecting a Computer Forensic Expert

Selecting an E-Discovery Vendor: A Best Value Approach

Eleven Steps to Designing an E-Discovery Plan and Protocol: A Systems Engineering Approach to Modern Litigation

Do Computer Forensic Experts Need a PI License in Georgia?

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Using Keyword Search Terms in E-Discovery and How They Relate to Issues of Responsiveness, Privilege, Evidence Standards and Rube Goldberg

Many of his manuscripts are available in the articles section of our website under either;


Founder Greg Fordham will be making a national webinar presentation on Digital Forensics: What Every attorney needs to know for the National Business Institute on October 13, 2020.


Founder Greg Fordham will be making a national webinar presentation on Collecting Smartphone evidence on November 5, 2020 and December 30, 2020 for the National Business Institute.


Located in Atlanta Georgia Fordham Forensics has over 20 years experience and an immense knowledge of computer forensics, electronic discovery (e-discovery), and computer security.

The firm provides nationwide expert consulting in the areas of incident response, forensic imaging and digital evidence preservation and data collection for personal computing desktops, laptops, tablets, flash drives, external hard drives, and cell phones and smartphones, as well as enterprise grade workstations and servers, and cloud based data storage, web mail and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Firm projects typically involve recovery of deleted data, expert computer forensic analysis, and keyword searching of digital computing devices in cases of misappropriated trade secrets, data breaches and network intrusions, improper workplace behavior like harassment and discrimination, improper device usage, fatal auto and truck accidents, spoliation analysis, fraud, criminal defense, family law, and many others. Let us help you, When It Really Matters.