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A strong evidential foundation is what makes for a strong case. Since more than 98 percent of today’s data is stored in electronic form, a computer or cell phone forensic expert is essential for developing the strong evidential foundation of almost every litigation. 

Many underestimate the skill that is required to lay a good evidential foundation or even that a trained forensic expert is needed, particularly when digital evidence is involved. As a result, the foundations constructed by neophytes or even conventional IT professionals are often easily demolished by a more experienced and more highly skilled specialist.

Uncovering the artifacts and laying the foundation is not the end, however.  Indeed, the computer expert's role extends beyond uncovering interesting artifacts, since litigation is like a chess game with an opening, middle and end game. One never gets to play the end game if their opening is weak. Similarly, a strong opening is useless without a good middle and end game where the significance of the evidence is presented and defended at deposition and trial. Furthermore, if the foundation proves faulty and cannot support the subsequent construction, the cost is colossal no matter how economical it may have seemed at the start.

When It Really Matters we help clients and counsel by building the strong evidential foundation that they will use for their case.   We start building the strong foundation with good site preparation in the form of effective ESI identification and preservation. Then with ingenious, sophisticated and penetrating forensic analysis we uncover the artifacts and develop the building blocks on which client and counsel can construct a compelling case. 

If others have compromised their own case by taking shortcuts or with poor site preparation or misinterpreting their test data, we will recognize those shortcomings. In addition, we will not just know that they have undermined their case but also know the weak points for a spectacular demolition.

We support our work through numerous building inspections like depositions, pre-trial hearings and trial testimony. Of course throughout the project we are consulting with client and counsel so that they understand exactly how much load our foundation can carry as they design and architect the finished product.

We have developed foundations for many different kinds of projects like the misappropriation of trade secrets, data breaches and intrusions, labor and employment issues, bankruptcy, family law, construction contracts, and fraud just to name a few. Furthermore, we have worked for both Plaintiffs and Defendants whenever a strong evidential foundation was essential to their case.


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FFI's Breach Scan forensically examines a computer or network resource and lets management know if they are a victim of an outside penetration, data compromise, or unauthorized use.

Breach Scan can be used in litigation to assert or defend claims for remedial action and/or damages. It can also be used to audit and confirm compliance with a settlement agreement or as a means to assuage concerns about data compromise or abuse as part of an alternative resolution method.. < Learn More >