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FFI Founder Greg Fordham has a considerable background in federal governmet contracts, particuarly defense contracts. His experience spans more than 30 years wth the rules and regulations governing government contractors.

Celestial Defense is a related company founded by Greg Fordham that specializes in providing management consulting services to government contractors. For many years the forensic and government contracts expertise were provided by the same entity but in 2012 the services were split into separate organizations.

When looking for some one to help with computer security, computer forensic, e-discovery, or forensic accounting, government contract clients will benefit from someone that really knows and understands their industry and their business.

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Service Specifics

Celestial Defense of Atlanta, GA is highly skilled and expienced in the field of government contracts. The firm provides an array of different services in the following areas.

Preaward Planning

Business Engineering

Claims, Terminations & Compliance Matters

Executive Training