FFI's Breach Scan forensically examines a computer or network resource and lets management know if they are a victim of an outside penetration, data compromise, or unauthorized use.

Breach Scan can be used in litigation to assert or defend claims for remedial action and/or damages. It can also be used to audit and confirm compliance with a settlement agreement or as a means to assuage concerns about data compromise or abuse as part of an alternative resolution method. < Learn More >

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Founder Greg Fordham has authored over 70 manuscripts that have appeared in various publications and professional education seminars. Some of the more popular articles are:

Finding and Selecting a Computer Forensic Expert

Selecting an E-Discovery Vendor: A Best Value Approach

Eleven Steps to Designing an E-Discovery Plan and Protocol: A Systems Engineering Approach to Modern Litigation

Do Computer Forensic Experts Need a PI License in Georgia?

Computerized Search and Other Digital Litigation Strategies

Using Keyword Search Terms in E-Discovery and How They Relate to Issues of Responsiveness, Privilege, Evidence Standards and Rube Goldberg

Many of his manuscripts are available in the articles section of our website under either;


Founder Greg Fordham again earned the Distinguished Faculty Badge from Lorman Education Services for his computer forensics and e-discovery seminar presentations in 2014.

The badge is presented to faculty members receiving good reviews from seminar attendees based on several criteria such as knowledge level, course materials, and presentation content.


Founder Greg Fordham's recent article Do Computer Forensic Experts Need a PI License was published in the Fall 2014 issue of Expert Witness, a publication of the Expert Witness Committee of the Litigation Section of the American Bar Association. < Learn More >

The article was largely derived from Greg's earlier work Do Computer Forensic Experts Need a PI License in Georgia? that is more narrowly focused on the phony Georgia requirement that has been claimed by PI advocates. < Learn More >


Founder Greg Fordham has authored a new article titled, 10 Steps to Protect Your Company from Employee Based Computer Compromise.

In addition to fundamental and common sense technology procedures the article describes the importance of the human element and what users can do to improve their security posture. < Learn More >


Founder Greg Fordham has authored a new article titled, Four Reasons Why You Need Fordham Forensics to Investigate Your Intrusion and Data Breach.

While more than 90 percent of in-house security professionals resist calling an outside expert, more than half acknowledge that they are not adequately skilled or equipped for performing the analysis in a timely manner, if at all. < Learn More >


Fordham Forensics teams with Elijah to bring web based document management and e-discovery managed services to the Atlanta market and other clients nationwide. < Learn More >


The firm of Fordham Forensics in Atlanta, GA is a highly skilled and very experienced provider of e-discovery, computer forensic, forensic accounting and computer security consulting services and expert analysis and testimony.

The firm serves client and counsel in many industries like manufacturing, power generation, government, technology, and professional services across a broad spectrum of interests like labor and employment issues, trade secrets, bankruptcy, civil fraud, criminal defense, government investigations, federal procurement regulations and subpoena compliance to name a few.

We are not simply a technology company or a service provider firm, since we provide solutions. Thus, we want to work with you to understand your problem and develop the most optimal solution for you. Let us help you, When It Really Matters.